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Starting from the 15th July 2019, Milan’s urban and interurban public transport rates have suffered a significant changes. The major changes were those related to the increase in urban ticket prices for underground, trams and buses. Ticket categories: ticket for single journey, daily ticket, three-day ticket and 10-trip booklet. The new rates for each individual product category are listed below:


Single journey 1,50 € 2,00 €
Daily ticket (24h) 4,50 € 7,00 €
Two-day ticket (48h) 8,25 € ABOLISHED
Three-day ticket (72h) ABSENT 12,00 €
Ten-trip booklet 13,80 € 18,00 €
MilanoCard 24H 9,00 € 11,00 €
MilanoCard 48H 14,00 € 17,00 €
MilanoCard 72H  19,00 € 19,00 €


Free admission for children under the age of 14 remains unchanged. Citizens and tourists, however, will no longer be able to use the bi-daily travel ticket, which in fact has been removed from the list of ordinary urban tickets.

It has been established that for the ordinary ticket valid for 90 ‘, it will be possible to move along more routes and combining more vehicles, either continuously or with several intermediate stops; therefore, it’s possible to make return journeys with the same ticket, always within 90 minutes from the validation, even by making multiple entries on the subway.

The rates changes also concern MilanoCard, the Milan city pass that allows you to benefit from free access to public transport, discounts or free tickets to museums, monuments, theaters, shops, restaurants, events and much more. Below we list the rates offered by MilanoCard:

  • MilanoCard 24H: 11,00 €
  • MilanoCard 48H: 17,00 €
  • MilanoCard 72H: 19,00 €

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