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COVID – 19 | Infromation NO Panic

All you have to know about COVID – 19 | Infromation NO Panic

With this acts, we comunicate to all our customers an updating about the current situation that is affecting Italy and Lombardy in particular. Milan, as the others major world cities, is facing in these hours the spread of COVID-19, commonly called CORONAVIRUS.

There is a control cabin at national and local level whit the Ministry of Health and the Superior Health Institute, which are constantly monitoring the situation.

Currently, in the Municipality of Milan there has been only one case of contagion, while in Lombardy and therefore in the neighboring countries, there have been 112 positive cases out of a population of over 10 million inhabitants, equal to 0,000112%.

All tourist activities in Milan, are constantly monitored and hotels, airports and stations have adopted the appropriate measures to guarantee to all tourists and visitors a safe and pleasant stay.  We communicate that the situation in Milan is returning to normal and in a few days all places of culture and attractions will be reopened to the public, resuming normal activities.

We invite everyone to take normal precautionary measures, including constant hand and airway washing, but always keeping calm and objectivity. Dr. Gismondo, Director of Clinical Microbiology of the Sacco hospital in Milan, the main Italian hospital for the treatment of viral diseases, said “It seems madness to me, a slightly more serious infection than a flu was mistaken for a lethal pandemic. Not so! “

We wish you a pleasant stay in Milan and thank you for the support you will give with your visit.