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Post Covid-19. Visit Milan safely – Everything you need to know about public transport

The measures to contain Covid-19 infection are loosening throughout Italy and Milan is also ready to welcome its visitors again. Many precautions have been taken to allow citizens and tourists to travel safely in the city.

Indeed, all the vehicles of the public transport system (subways, buses and trams) are now regularly sanitized, entrances are limited, routes within all vehicles are traced and designed to avoid crowding and much more. Each part of the public transport system has been equipped to ensure that safety distances can be maintained at all times.

Thanks to the placement of special signs on all means of transport, you can easily find the right place to stay and travel safely. Remember that it’s absolutely essential, for your health and that of others, to keep a face covering, protecting both nose and mouth, on public transport. Visiting Milan has never been so safe!

Please take a look to this post to be updated about Covid-19 restriction in Milan.