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Milan Public Transport Tickets – new rates

From the 9th of January, 2023, Milan public transport tickets have increased in response to hugely increased energy costs and a more than 20% drop in commuter numbers since the covid pandemic. The major changes are those related to the increase in urban ticket prices for metro, trams and buses. Ticket categories: ticket for single journey, daily ticket, three-days ticket and 10-trip booklet. You can find the new rates of Milan public transport tickets below:

Single journey 2,00 € 2,20 €
Daily ticket (24h)  7,00 € 7,60 €
Three-days ticket 12,00 € 13,00 €
Ten-trip booklet 18,00 € 19,50 €
MilanoCard 24H  12,50 € 13,50 €
MilanoCard 48H 17,50 € 19,50 €
MilanoCard 72H  19,50 € 21,00 €

Free admission for children under the age of 14 remains unchanged.

Characteristics of the main categories of Milan public transport tickets remain unchanged:

  • Singe Journey (Ordinary ticket Mi1 - Mi3): time validity from the first validation is of 90 minutes; it allows the possibility to travel throughout the City of Milan and the 21 municipalities of the Mi3 zone and by metro to the termination stations of Rho Fieramilano (Metro Line 1) and of Assago Milanofiori Forum (Metro Line 2);

  • 10 Trip Tickets Booklet: blocks of 10 tickets with time validity depending on the number of zones purchased. The trips cannot be used on road services managed by operators other than ATM and Trenord; it cannot be used by more than one person at the same time;

  • Daily Ticket (24H): time validity from the first validation is of 24 hours, without limit to the number of journeys within the territory defined by the zones purchased;

  • 3 Days Ticket: it is valid for 3 consecutive days from the day of the first validation until the end of the service on the third day, without limit to the number of journeys within the territory defined by the zones purchased;


The rates changes also concern MilanoCard, the Milan city pass that allows you to benefit from free access to public transport, discounts or free tickets to museums, monuments, theaters, shops, restaurants, events and much more. Below the new rates offered by MilanoCard:

  • MilanoCard 1 Day (24h): 13,50 €

  • MilanoCard 2 Days (48h): 19,50 €

  • MilanoCard 3 Days: 21,00 €


Remember! To access  Milan Public Transport network, remember to buy the ticket that best suits your need, you can find all the tickets at your disposal clicking here.

Milan Travel Card: It is possible to purchase the Milan Travel Card to have free access to public transportation, and discounts in many museums and attraction in Milan at the price of 13,50 € (for 24h), 19,50 € (for 48h) and 21,00€ (for 3days), click here for more information.