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    COVID – 19 | Infromation NO Panic

    All you have to know about COVID – 19 | Infromation NO Panic With this acts, we comunicate to all our customers an updating about the current situation that is affecting Italy and Lombardy in particular. Milan, as the others…

  • strike milan public transport
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    Milan urban transport strike

    Today, Thursday 11 July, a strike was called for involving public transport in Milan. In particular, the 24-hour block will affect all ATM employees and was called by the CUB Trasporti union to protest against the liberalization, privatization, and financialization…

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    What’s included in Milano Card

    What's included in Milano Card ? MilanoCard is the travel card for tourist who are visiting Milan. Includes free unlimited access to Milan transport network and free or discounted access at several tourist attraction. Is available for 1day (12.50€);  3days…