Milan transport tickets

tickets for transports in milan

Do you need to move around Milan by using the public transport system? There’s a wide range of solutions that will meet your needs! Below you will find details about metro tickets and travel cards, which can be used to take buses, trams and trolleybuses too.



  • Single ticket -Validity: 90 minutes after stamping. It will be possible to move along more routes and combining more vehicles, either continuously or with several intermediate stops; therefore, it’s possible to make return journeys with the same ticket, always within 90 minutes from the validation, even by making multiple entries on the subway. Price: 2,00 €. You can buy this ticket via sms, by sending a message to 48444 and typing ATM. This ticket is valid now also to reach Rho Fieramilano, located outside the inner city area.

  • Milan City Pass - available for 1day, 2days or 3days and valid for unlimited access on all means of public transport (metro, trams, buses) within the Milan urban area. Free or discounted access to museums, tours, restaurants, tourist attractions, Milan City Sightseeing, Airport Bus and much more are included in the price. Prices: 11,50 € (1day); 17,50 € (2days); 19,50 € (3days)BUY NOW >>

  • Carnet of 10 Standard tickets - Validity: 10 journeys, 90 minuteseach after stamping. Each ticket is valid for a single journey on the underground or rail network. The ticket is personal and non-transferable. Price: 18,00 €

  • Weekly 2x6 PassTwo journeys of 90 minutes each a day for 6 days of the same week. Each journey may include a single journey on the underground and rail networks. The pass is personal and non-transferable. Price: 17 €.

  • One Day and Three Days Ticket– It is valid for 24 or 72 hours after stamping. Price: 7,00 € (One Day Ticket) and 12,00 € (Three Days Ticket). Citizens and tourists will no longer be able to use the bi-daily travel ticket, which in fact has been removed from the list of ordinary urban tickets.

DO CHILDREN NEED TO BUY A TICKET TO USE THE MEANS OF PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN MILAN? No, they don’t. Children up to 10 years old travel free of charge on all means of public transport in Milan.



Malpensa Airport is the second largest airport in Italy and it's located 50 minutes away from Milan City Center.

One of the best way to reach the city from Malpensa terminal 1 and terminal 2 (Attention: terminal 2 is temporarily closed due to the measures taken against the Covid-19 pandemic) is the Malpensa Shuttle. It departs from Milan Central Station every 20 minutes and serves terminal 1 and 2 of Malpensa Airport (and viceversa).

  • Milan City Pass + Malpensa Shuttle: this special combo is a good solution to visit Milan easily. The Card is available for 1day, 2days or 3days and it allows free access to the whole network of public transport, free access or discounted rates for museums, tours and more, and Malpensa Shuttle One Way (saving 15% compared to regular ticket). BUY NOW >>



Standard urban tickets may not be used to travel from, to and within the extra urban area of Milan. Click here to download the list of the stations located outside the urban area of Milan.

Price: price varies according to the distance and areas (see details below).

Validity: different validity periods depending on the zones and semi-zones crossed on ATM’s intercity routes and those integrated in the SITAM system.

On some lines tickets may be purchased on board with a surcharge.

The ticket or travel card must be validated at the beginning of the journey.

Mi1-Mi4 105 minutes 2,40 €
Mi3-Mi4 75 minutes 1,60 €


Recommended for passengers making daily journeys between Milan and the extra-urban area. Download here the extra-urban map.

The ticket must be validated at the beginning of the journey.

The weekly travel card (Weekly 2x6 Pass) consists of a paper ticket and a ticket with a magnetic strip, the ticket stub. This magnetic stub must always be stamped at the turnstile and can be used on vehicles equipped with a magnetic-electronic validator. The stub is an integral part of the Weekly 2x6 Pass and must be presented in the event of ticket checks: before using it, it is mandatory to write the identification number of the 2x6 paper ticket on the front.

Mi1-Mi4 105 minutes 20,50 €
Mi3-Mi4 75 minutes 13,50 €







PLEASE KEEP IN MIND! that tickets and travel cards should be handled and stored with care and be stamped before every journey. Tickets are strictly personal and non-transferable, so they may not be used by third parties. Please present your ticket or travel card to the ticket inspectors upon request.