Summer Concerts at La Maura Hippodrome in Milan

This summer, the La Maura Hippodrome in Milan is set to host a series of highly anticipated concerts. Events are scheduled for June 4, June 16, July 12, and July 23, drawing large crowds eager to enjoy live music in a vibrant outdoor setting. As the venue prepares to accommodate thousands of fans, public transport services are being adapted to ensure smooth and efficient travel.

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Concert Lineup and Atmosphere

The concert series at La Maura Hippodrome promises an exciting lineup featuring a mix of international and local artists, catering to diverse musical tastes. The open-air venue provides a unique experience, allowing concert-goers to enjoy performances under the summer sky. With state-of-the-art sound systems and ample space for attendees, the concerts are expected to be memorable highlights of Milan’s cultural calendar.

Changes to Public Transport

To manage the increased demand and ensure safety, several changes have been made to public transport routes and services. The local public transport authority, has implemented specific deviations and station closures on concert days.

Bus Route Adjustments:

  • Bus 64: During the day, this bus will operate between Bonola and Lorenteggio with a deviation that includes stops at Via Balla while skipping Via Mafalda di Savoia and Via Lampugnano/Angioletti. In the evening, the service may be suspended between Bonola and Via Novara/Cascina Bellaria to facilitate crowd movement post-concert.
  • Bus 69: Both directions will bypass stops between Via Cilea/Via Fichera and Via Omodeo/Via Cechov, but will still serve key stops at Bonola M1, Via Fichera, Via Falck, Via Bacchelli, and Via Cechov.
  • Bus 78: The route will be diverted between Via San Giusto/Dessiè and Via Monte Rosa (Lotto M1 M5), with stops along Via Dessiè, Via Rospigliosi, Via Monreale, and Piazzale Zavattari.
  • Bus Q78: Towards Govone, buses will skip stops between Via Harar and Via Monte Rosa, and towards San Siro from Lotto to Via San Giusto.

Metro Station Closures:

  • After 11 PM, the M5 San Siro Ippodromo station and the M1 Uruguay station will be closed for public order reasons. Concert-goers are advised to use nearby stations.

Enhanced Services

In addition to route changes, ATM has bolstered metro and parking services to handle the influx of visitors. Metro lines will run more frequently and remain open later to accommodate concert-goers. This ensures that attendees can travel to and from the event conveniently, reducing traffic congestion and providing a reliable means of transportation.