Milano Card – City Pass for Milan

milan travel card

For tourists who are visiting Milan is available “ Milano Card ” the tourist travel pass of Milan. This is the best solution for who are looking for day or multi day tickets.

The 5 main reason to get the pass, if you stay in Milan for some days, are :

  • The Card allows free access to the whole network of public transport
  • Is available for 1day; 2days or 3days
  • Gives you 5€ for a taxi ride in Milan
  • Allow to save 40€ per person, average
  • Is instant confirmed after the payment
  • Gives A free drink at the best Milan local bar

With this city pass is possible to travel with no limits on Milan public transport network (inner area) and get free access or discounted rates for airport transfert, museums, tours, restaurants and much more. Click here to have the list of benefits included in MilanoCard .

  • MilanoCard 1day : 11€

  • MilanoCard 2days : 17€

  • MilanoCard 3Days : 19,50€

To get the Milan City Pass you have just to :

  • Buy here below the MilanoCard

  • Receive via email the activation code

  • Download the “MilanoCard APP” and activate your MilanoCard with the activation code



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