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Is MilanoCard worth it ?

Is MilanoCard worth it for your visit to Milan ? This is a good question if you are planing a trip to Milan and you are considering to buy the city pass of Milan.

Since 2010 Milan have its tourist card, named MilanoCard. Is a classic tourist and travel pass who includes free access to the public transportation in Milan (metro, tram, buses, city train etc) included also bike sharing. The Milan city pass includes also transfer to the Milan Airports (Malpensa, Linate, Orio al Serio) and access to the top attractions of the city.

To valuate if MilanoCard is worth it for you, must to be considered some points:

1- Are you going to use public transportation in Milan for multi days ? If your answer is yes, MilanoCard is very useful because includes, at your choice, free access to public transport in Milan for 24h, 48h or 3 days. With no limits, any area of Milan is included and every kind of transportation (Milan Metro, tram, bus, city train).

2- Are you coming to Milan by plane ? If you answer is yes, the MilanoCard worth it a lot because you can purchase the combo pass included Milan Airport Shuttle (Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio) saving up to 30% on each rides.

3- Do you want to visit the Duomo Cathedral and Duomo Terraces ? If yes, the city pass allow to save up to 10% on Duomo Milan and to have guaranteed access to the Cathedral also in the high attendance days. You will find tickets of Duomo directly in the MilanoCard's app.

4- Do you want to find in just one solution tickets for all you need in Milan ? If yes, MilanoCard is a great solution because you don't have to spend time to find tickets and information for each one service you need, but all is in MilanoCard's app.

But the main reason why MilanoCard worth it is because it gives you the chance to be free to choose time by time what to visit and to do in Milan, saving money on the official price of services and finding in just one app tickets and information.

Some times the city pass includes access to a very wide range of services like museums, tours, attractions...but do you have time to visit all of these attractions and to use all of these services included ? Generally you have no time or simply your planes changes and at the end of the trip you discover to have not used all the services that you thinked to use when the plan was done.

So the money spent for the city pass all inclusive solutions are too much than the money that you have saved at the attractions visited. MilanoCard instead includes just transports and special rates for top attractions, gives you the chance to build your trip time by time. In this way you really save money and time!

For museums lovers, is highly recommended  the Milan City Pass

Otherway if your plans includes the visit to the most relevant Museums in Milan and you are sure to visit more than 3 museums, a good solution is Milan City Pass, this is a new tourist pass in Milan, includes free public transportation for 3 days and free access to the most important museums in the city like Duomo Cathedral, Duomo Terraces, Sforza Castle, Museo del Novecento, Pinacoteca Ambrosiana and other 8 museums. Includes also a free rides for Airport Shuttle. This pass costs 55€ for 3 days and 49€ for 1 day.

This pass is highly recommended for museums's lovers. With this pass if you are going to visit more than 3 museums, allows to save up to 60%. Visit the official web site


MilanoCard vs Milan Pass

In the end which one city pass of Milan is the best ?

MilanoCard is highly recommended for who want to move around the city with public transportation and is not sure about how many museums will be visited. Click here to find more info and to buy this card.

Milan Pass is recommended for tourist who want to visit more than 3 museums and want to move around the city with public transportation.  Click here to find more info and to buy this card.

Both pass are a highly recommended in Milan to the tourists in order to avoid to spend time to find tickets for any single service, the local transport companies and especially the museums in Milan are not very technologically advanced and may times is not easy to get tickets or also information, these city pass give the chance to save money and to be hassle free during your stay in Milan