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Public Transport Strike in Milan

Milan, a bustling metropolis known for its efficient public transportation system, is set to face disruptions as the trade union organization Al Cobas calls for an overtime strike involving workers of Atm, the company responsible for managing public transport in the city. From February 9th to February 18th, travellers are likely to experience delays and longer waiting times as a result of this labor action.

The Milan public transport strike is slated to take place over a ten-day period, impacting the normal operations of Milan's metro, buses, and trams. However, Atm has assured the public that the service on these modes of transportation will be maintained throughout the strike, albeit with potential delays and extended waiting periods at certain times.

According to Atm, the metro and surface lines will operate daily during the strike. However, the company has cautioned that the public should expect longer waiting times, particularly between 8:45 and 15:00, as well as from 18:00 until the end of the service each day. This information is crucial for Milan's residents and visitors who rely on public transportation to navigate the city. More information at this link.

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